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Nutrition Explained, Going Beyond Diet Trends

Updated: May 23, 2022

There is a ton of info about food and nutrition these days.

People seem to be bouncing in all directions in the hope of discovering that ever-elusive quick solution or a magic diet which will solve all their weight, energy level, stress, and digestion problems, without ever being able to stick to something that answers their needs….

The amount of info is overwhelming and it’s hard to pick what really works.

Yes, every now and again we get excited by some new idea promising us the ultimate path to success, but somehow our bodies remain the same, with no upsurge in energy levels, so our spirits sink, as we once again experience disappointment, and the only path we follow is the one leading us to think that there is something wrong with us: our bodies are wrong, we have hormonal problems, it’s the fault of our particular DNA, we are getting older, or maybe we are just weird…. How is it that all those people on social media management overcome the odds and I can’t? What is wrong with me?

We suffer. We can’t find a solution. We blame our biology and our bodies.

So where is the truth? What is the solution to all this torture?

First and foremost the actual solution is both the easiest and hardest to understand.

Proper nutrition, which will generate all those longed-for results, is simple, easy, and… NOT A SECRET! In fact, that magic pill we all seek is in each piece of food that we put in our mouths.

Here is what we need to achieve that so far has managed to escape us:

  1. Time

  2. Discipline

  3. New habits

  4. Trust in yourself: Belief in your body's capacity. Believe in change. Believe it’s possible.

  5. Don’t give up your target/goal/dream in exchange for a piece of pizza or cake etc.

Once in conversation with one of my friends, she told me that her coworkers usually go for a slice of pizza and beer after their academic workday, because, according to them: they deserve it. People wake up! We deserve so much more! We deserve the self-esteem that comes from feeling beautiful inside and out.

Ok! So let’s talk about nutrition itself.

When it comes to working with my clients or building my own body:


As soon as you wake up, start the morning with a big glass of water. I sometimes add 1 tbsp. of apple cider. Afterward, I have breakfast.

Take a look at this research article follwing some tips. Click here.

Drink water continuously during the day, and keep track of how much you have consumed. It provides a feeling of mission accomplishment. (I love sparkling water. It helps me avoid snacking.)

Rule #2. DIVIDE YOUR DAY INTO 4 MEALS WITH ABOUT 3 HOURS IN BETWEEN AND NEVER SNACK! Put it on your fridge, on the first page of your phone, and write it on your hand: NO SNACKING.

Research confirms the meal timing and freuency could exert a significant influence on weight control and weight loss. Check it out on full article link here.

Practical advice: Don’t overcomplicate your meals. Simplicity is the key. No one wants to be overwhelmed by overly elaborate meals, meal preparations, and intricate mathematical calorie counting.

Practical advice: Find the products you really like and eat them. Enjoy your meals.

Building your meals:

Each meal should consist of:

1. Lean Protein (egg whites, chicken breast, tuna, turkey, 0% Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, tofu)

2. carbs (basmati rice, sweet/white potatoes, oats for breakfast, quinoa (these foods are not meant to promote weight loss are more caloric but are necessary).

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4. All kinds of vegetables, as much as you want. The more the better.

Practical advice: Raw vegetables are the best, but if you suspect that you have any kind of IBS or if eating raw vegetables causes discomfort, then cook the vegetables.

Did you know that nuts are fats? You should not snack on them. They can be part of your meal as fats, but… if you really want to lean out, exclude them.

The Plate Design:

Did you know that we crave food and evaluate it on the basis of look and how it is arranged on the plate—not by taste? So let us create a beautiful plate whenever we eat a meal and try to satisfy our cravings that way.

  1. Half of the plate should be salad

  2. The amount of protein depends on your weight, but you can measure it by the size of your palm—one palm for a woman, and 2 palms for a man.

  3. The amount of carbs depends on one’s weight, gender, level of activity, and amount of muscular tissue, but each meal should have carbs. They can be starchy or be some kind of fruit.

My goal with my clients is to help them create a firm, metabolically superior, and fat-burning body that uses food for energy and muscular support without storing excess under-skin fat. I want them to eat a good amount of food and feel stress-free about its consumption.

One of our BIG mistakes is to think that losing weight means eating LITTLE.

The idea that eating little will generate a thin body is a fallacy. Why? When you eat very little, your body goes into saving mode, does not use the nutrition properly, stores it in under-skin fat, and does not build muscles. It leads to an unhealthy skinny fat body, with soft folds of skin, and little muscularity—all in all not a very attractive picture.

Practical advice: Eating regularly the same amount of macronutrients is vital for building a beautiful, tight, functional, and strong body. It is not enough to practice proper nutrition for 1 week or 10 days or even 1 month. You should create a new way of eating, enjoying new food, and new ways. You should change your mindset for a winning mindset. Otherwise, you will struggle for nothing and the mystery of why your efforts never bring the desired results will always be there.

With this new mindset, involving the habit of eating 4 times a day, preparing a well-designed nutritious plate, cutting sugars and simple carbs, and drinking water it’s easy to win. But you need to be patient. It’s not a 1-week deal, but when your physical (and mental) transformation begins to take hold due to your new habits, it’s a life-changer. It will stay with you forever.

Eating the same amount of macronutrients every day gives us the amazing feeling of possessing an equal energy level throughout the day, so we can work better and more efficiently physically and mentally. It allows us to develop the body to a high level of excellence in performance and look.

Two interesting facts: 1) Many of my clients were under the impression that healthy food is boring and unappetizing. They were wrong. Now I get messages from them every day telling me that they can’t live without it. 2) Eating healthy does not mean you will lose weight. You can eat lots of healthy food and still gain weight. Losing weight is about measuring consumption. It’s about quantity. You must take care of BOTH the quantity and the quality.

Building habits:

To become a master, we should spend 10,000 hours on training. Let us now think about all those things we do on autopilot without even noticing. We are masters at them, too—masters at inconsistency, complaining, not achieving, feeling sorry for ourselves, eating poorly, making excuses, etc.

It is my opinion that we have a choice. Which kind of master do you want to be: a master of negative, self-destructive habits or a master of positive, life-affirming, creative habits?

Do you want to spend 10,000 hours telling yourself that you can’t, feeling bad, thinking it is hard, making excuses, and moaning about it,


Do you want to spend 10,000 hours trying to reach a more active and dynamic level of existence: finally eating those vegetables, drinking water, saying “NO “to soda, juices, cakes, and pizza, building nutritious and tasteful meals, and learning how to eat in order to get where you want to be?

What kind of Master do you want to be? IT IS YOUR DECISION!

One last comment:

I know that people like tips, but you can’t achieve a ripped body or weight loss/gain by just incorporating tips. Real change requires a nutritional and workout plan to be followed for at least 12 weeks. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The path to change starts with the realization that change is necessary. BE DECISIVE. BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU ARE DOING. DEVELOP NEW HABITS. ASK FOR HELP.

Do not underestimate the power of help. We all need help in gaining precise knowledge, in the creation of a program, in taking decisions, and in pursuing the path to success. All the elite athletes and most successful people have trainers or coaches. It is absolutely normal to request reinforcement from outside yourself in order to sustain your journey forward.

Stay Invincible,

Ludmila Prodan

P.S. Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you:

1. Join my Invincible Home Workout, be part of my online group class.

Jump into a dedicated community of like-minded women to maintain CONSISTENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY with your fitness goals, led by Yours Truly. (A nutritional personalized program can be applied) Simply send us a message through 'Contact Us' and type "Home".

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