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Updated: May 11, 2022

If you learn to master your mindset, you hold the keys to your success. Said differently, changing the way you think can be the key to getting the results you want in your life and in health and fitness.

To find what holds us back from our goals and dreams, we need only look in the mirror. It’s Canada … our negative thoughts, our limiting beliefs, and our fragile mindsets. But, when you work on your mindset, everything changes for the better.

Here are 5 powerful mindset hacks that will change your life and may very well rock your world:

Tip #1 - Your thoughts shape your life

Everything starts with a thought, which impacts your feelings, actions, and ultimately, your results. If you’re not happy with the results in your life, you have the power to change everything simply by changing your thoughts.

Tip #2 - What’s done is done

Don’t dwell on the past. It’s quite literally the ONE thing you CAN’T change. Focus instead on what you’re going to decide TODAY to have a better tomorrow.

"The goal is not to be perfect by the end. The goal is to be better tomorrow" – Simon Sinek

Tip #3 - Worrying is a waste of time

Worrying is quite possibly the most useless, wasteful emotion we can experience, yet it is one of the most common. If we learn to let go of this emotion, our lives will be so much easier … and better.

Tip #4 - Addition by subtraction

Be mindful of the people you surround yourself with. Keep your distance from people who bring you down, suck the energy out of you, make you feel bad, or don’t serve you. Those people don’t deserve your time or energy. Save it for those who lift you up … and lift them up, too.

Tip #5 - Enjoy the ride

Once you get to a milestone, another one appears…and then another…and another. We tend to keep moving our eyes forward, never fully allowing ourselves to enjoy the process and celebrate key victories along the way. Enjoy the ride; it’s all about the process.

Which of these mindset hacks will you try today in order to unlock your potential?

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