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Throughout my life I discovered that you can truly be whoever you WANT to be, there are no limits. I defied illness, age, being a single mother and immigration to a new coutry and became the athlete I dreamed to be. If I was able to do it all so can you!

My Mission

My Story

A journey of choosing life over death

My mission is to empower and build confidence in everyone and to be a reminder that YOU ARE limitless. You CAN HAVE a mindset that supports your dreams, and that you CAN find fulfilment and joy by connecting to your body, to its strength and its beauty.

I was born with a heart defect, it was deformed and weak, and it failed to properly distribute oxygen in my body. From the very beginning I had to learn how to live with the reality that I could die if I didn’t take special care of myself: doing any kind of physical activity like running, dancing or sports was life threatening. I’ve always dreamed of playing outside like all the other kids but I couldn’t. Deep down I felt a calling from within, I wanted to dance and I knew that I was born, I was wired, to be an athlete. Even though it seemed impossible I truly believed in my dream.

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