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My philosophy of physical transformation consists of 5 essential principles. This unique method gives us the ability to improve and reshape our body, also allowing us to receive the immense psychological benefits that come with these changes.

Ludmila's Method

(1) Postural Exercises and activating key muscle groups

The gluteus and abdominal muscles.

Picture the difference of someone who stands straight with nicely open shoulders with proudly positioned head. Well developed and shaped booty and flat stomack. Those muscles are very important, but the problem is that for the average person they are dormant, it's not easy to develop them, you need special activation to set them to work. When these muscles are developed, besides looking beautiful they make you injury free, making your body irresistible and invincible!

(4) Sculpting Muscles to get power

Sculpting muscles and creating shape through the development of power, strength, explosiveness, hypertrophy, and endurance.

(2) Balanced Functional body

Top to bottom, front to back, and big muscles to small muscles. Ultimately creating a functional injury free body. Mixed with workouts counteracting every client’s individual body imbalances, making it proportionately beautiful, while fixes and prevents injuries.

(3) specific nutritional principles

  1. Not starving gives you a stable and high level of energy throughout the day.

  2. Speeding up metabolism makes the body a fat-burning machine.

  3. Eating great tasting food makes you feel good and eliminates cravings.

  4. Simplicity makes it easy to continue long-term and make it life style.

(5) Developing New Habit

Stepping into a new identity and gaining lifelong changes

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