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The Invincible Home Workout

Get ready to be shaping a gorgeous booty, toning your arms, legs, back and shoulders, defining abs and beautiful curves. Discover my unique and proven system that gives you lasting results.

My Signature Nutrition Coaching

is Included with The IHW

“My biggest mistake in life was thinking that I have to receive more love from others, while I realized that I was supposed to receive more love from myself.”

- Oprah

We believe that fulfilment starts with loving and nurturing yourself and that’s exactly why we’ve created The Invincible Woman Workout. Training together, we are driven by our commitment to our body, our beauty and our vision of who we are becoming. 


The days of wishful thinking, frustration and discouragement are behind you, with Ludmila’s perfect plan she will get you exactly where you’re going, all you gotta do is show up.

You will be...

  • Having access to my unique and proven system that gives real results

  • Receiving continuous support, we’ve got your back at any time.

  • Shaping a gorgeous body with beautiful curves

  • ​Training with a kick-ass team that fuels your motivation​

  • Building a great posture, developing confidence and being noticed!

  • Mindset & Meditation practices that support and empower your fitness training and life.

  • Addressing issues like losing weight, beating hunger, and tiredness. You’ll receive my Signature Nutrition Coaching program for FREE. Click here to find out more.

We mean business...

  • Metabolic exercises: helps you get leaner, builds endurance and develops your cardio faster (more efficiently than jogging). You’ll trim down and lose weight faster. 

  • Pilates: connecting to your power house, becoming strong from the inside out.

  • ​Functional exercise: Own your freedom of movement! Gain the kind of strength that will support you in your daily activities and sports, reducing the risk of injury.

  • Mindfulness, Medtation and Relaxation practices to resuce stress and have a clear mind.​

How we do it?

  • A set schedule for busy people with morning and evening classes, broadcast over Zoom

  • Unlimited text and email support directly with Ludmila

  • 15-minute personal calls with Ludmila once a week

  • Private Facebook Group for additional community support

  • Access to all past workouts library, don’t worry about mission a class!

Click here to get the details on the Nutrition Coaching program, which is included with the Invincible Home Workout.

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