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Healthy Salad
Healthy Salad
Healthy Salad
Healthy Salad

Reboot your metabolism with the BBL 14-Day Detox Challenge

"I feel lighter and cleaner. My tolerance or craving for junk food and sweets changed a lot. I don’t feel like eating if I’m not hungry." - Sarah


Our next challenge begins on  May 31 

Our Results

Our 14-Day BBL Detox participants have...


Lost weight,

3-5lbs in 12 Days


Developed healthy nutrition habits


Maintained the habit of drinking lots of water and stay hydrated!


Gained tons of energy for fitness, sports and day-to-day activities!

"I would like to make this a ritual. Like every season do a serious detox and keep good habits for the rest of the time" - Masha

Is this you?
  • Lacking energy and feeling constantly exhausted

  • Struggeling with the extra "Covid weight"

  • Tried a few diets and they don't seem to work

  • Hooked on a high carbs and high sugar diet not being able to break the cycle

  • Feeling hungry all the time

  • Slave to food cravings

  • Can't seem to plan your meals in a way that supports good health and good weight

  • Feeling all alone in the struggle to lose the extra pounds

How is BBL Detox different from every other detox program?

  • Most Detox programs leave you feeling hungry but not with the BBL method! Here you'll eat A LOT! 5 X per day.

  • You'll have more energy, a better mood, and improved sleep.

  • It's built on the principles of a balanced nutrition plan, which is a good start to developing life-long correct nutritional habit.

  • Helps in the fight against sicknesses like diabetes, high cholestorol, IBS issues, and bladder infection.

  • Reduces gastrointestinal stress, regulates and improves digestion.

  • Increases metabolism, your faster metabolism will ensure that you continue to lose weight after the 14-day detox period.

  • How your body responds to the food you eat will shift.

  • This detox insclued a liver cleanse.

What's Included in the

14-Day Detox Challenge

We are stronger together...

  •  You'll have access to multiple live Q&As with Ludmila at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the BBL 14-Day Detox.

  • You will be assigned to your own accountability team for check-ins, progress tracking, and recipe sharing.

  • You'll be part of the supportive FB group

  • Daily bio-feedback

Everything you need is done and pre-planned for you! We're with you every step of the way.

14 Day Detox Challenge Part 1.png

Detailed Explanation of the BBL method and its benefits.

14 Day Detox Challenge Part 2 Ladies.png

Ladies' and Gentelmes' Printable Detox Schedule

14 Day Detox - Rules.png

Detox Rules A-Z

14 Day Detox - Groceries List.png

Grocery Shoppping List

BBL 14 Day Detox Challenge Recipe Book.p


Take the guesswork out of the cooking. We've collected the recipes from our past Detox participants!

What more?

  • Get 7-days of free access to my signature fitness program "The Invincible Home Workout."

  • Free consultation call directly with Ludmila Prodan.

  • A free 1 x abs Bootcamp session

** Special Group Offer: Buy 2 passes and get 1 for free! Invite your family and friends. Use code: BBLDetoxTeam at checkout**

A glimps into our

last Detox

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-18 at 6.31.04 PM.
Red and Green Salad.jpg

What do people say?


"It makes a difference to have a coach that really cares and a good support group to."



"Great experience overall. Thanks to Ludmila and all participants for the support."

Dana F.


"I liked it a lot. All the support and everyone super excited and into it. It makes me really happy to hear others improvements as well. Overall, I like it because I feel I was able to cleanse my body. I always heard that during a detox you barely eat, etc. which it's not a healthy thing to do. With this experience, I was able to acknowledge that and learn a lot."

Vitoria P. D.


"I would like to make this a ritual. Like every season do a serious detox for my liver and intestine and keep good habits for the rest of the time."

Mahsa K.

Mahsa O.jpeg

"I really love it! Especially that it was in a big group, kept me motivated to continue and not cheat."

Mahsa O.


"The Detox Program was a really helpful and challenging experience. Now I start my day with a bowl of fruits or a smoothie, and I am way more conscious when it comes to what's on my plate. Additionally, my portions naturally got smaller as I feel fuller faster, which is really great - I feel like I'm in control over how much I eat."

Olga R.

More Results...




Weight: 8 lbs

Waist: 1.5 in




Weight: 4 lbs

Waist: 3 in




Weight: 14 lbs

Waist: 3.5 in

contact image.png

My approach to nutrition is a lifestyle choice that keeps your weight exactly where you want to be. You burn fat naturally and have tons of energy to rock your day! With the BBL system you can  complement your fitness plan, do sports with confidence and have enough energy to accomplish your day-to-day tasks.

I grew up in Easter Europe. At the time we didn’t have fast food restaurants, I was brought up on natural delicious  homemade food. I’d eat lots of fruits & veggies and learned how to cook early on.

For almost two decades I’ve been  working with athletes and fitness lovers (both men and women), as a fitness coach, I can confirm that it’s impossible to build a beautiful, intentionally shaped, body without the correct nutrition. It has been my mission to combine both, my passion for a great shape and delicious food. The food that  becomes the construction material makes the body lean, and adds to the enjoyment of your life.

I studied the leading edge nutrition approach from Scott Abel. I got certified in  Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Level 2.

I believe in happy and tasty food that keeps you full, easy and quick to make and effortlessly blends into your routine.

About Ludmila

Owner of Body by Ludmi

& creatrix of the 14-Day Detox Challenge

Results vary from person to person, to increase the probability of success participants must follow through all program inscructions. By signing up to the BBL 14-Day Detox Challenge you acknowledge that Body by Ludmi is not liable for the final result or health conditions occuring before, during or after the 14-Day Detox Challenge. Please consult a doctor before joining the challenge should you have any health concerns.

© Body by Ludmi 2022

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