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Invest in your body


Let 2022 be a year of breakthroughs, not another year of limitations. The time to take care of yourself is NOW!

At Body by Ludmi we believe that your body matters 

and strong is the new beautiful.


Ludmila created a unique combination of different training styles and strategic nutrition that makes it simple and fast to achieve a strong and beautifully shaped body.

She built an extremely efficient workout system by blending functional, metabolic,

weight lifting, mind-body, and other training styles.

Working together you WILL achieve a functional body which will allow you to be completely free in your movement in all sports and every day activities.

Ludmila has been reshaping people’s bodies, mindset, and habits for almost two decades, empowering them for life. 


The Invincible Home Workout

Get the abs of your dreams, shape a gorgeous booty, beautiful legs, arms, back and shoulders. This premium program makes it simple to get your ideal body.

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Workout and



Get a workout and nutrition plan designed just for you. We'll work towards your specific needs, shaping a beautiful body and eating just right to support your training and keep your energy levels high.




Get a personalized plan with an easy to follow, action-packed system. We'll work towards your specific needs, shaping your body, giving you a sharp definition, addressing past injuries and bringing your functionality to the next level.




Lose that extra weight and maintain your new standard while eating delicious food that keeps you full. Overcome cravings, food addictions and emotional eating. Get your energy levels to new hights!


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